Greyhound's New Beginnings

Greyhound's New Beginnings

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Welcome to Greyhounds New Beginnings!
Enjoy the site and please feel free to give our URL to friends or anyone you might know who is in need of a K-9 friend and companion.

We are a non-profit adoption group located in Battle Creek, Michigan pocketoption dedicated to the rescue and preservation of the Greyhound. Please look through the links, using the buttons to your left or the index at the bottom of the page, and learn about the Greyhound and his history, the abuse he has endured, the quiet loving nature he has maintained despite the hand the world has dealt him. Learn how you can help and how you can adopt one of these wonderful, intelligent dogs.

Greyhounds New Beginnings has a great deal to offer it's adoptors:

  • Wonderful Pets
  • A Chance to Make a Difference
  • Neutered/Spayed Pets
  • A pet choosen just pocketoptions for your life style.
  • Pets in Good Health
  • Reasonable Fee
Greyhound Meet Greet Schedule

These dogs make wonderful pets for the whole family, many times including the family cat, and the cause is a good one. Donations, foster care and adoption fees are tax deductable. Without the adoption program and your help these dogs likely have a future of Animal research or euthanasia.........."So, Save a Life pocketoption trading, adopt an ex-racing Greyhound!!!

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"To err is human: But to forgive is canine."

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